50p weekly reading list #16–24 Jan 2018

Here’s what’s new this week.

Paytm launches Business app for new businesses to start accepting payments

Paytm has launched a new app on Android which aims to get new merchants to sign up quickly and get a QR code to start accepting payments. The app also offers a dashboard to view reconciliations and day to day payments.

Yahoo launches social savings app

Yahoo has launched a new social savings app pitched as an alternative to credit cards. The app allows groups of friends to save money towards a common goal.

Stripe stops accepting Bitcoin

Stripe has announced that it would stop allowing retailers to accept Bitcoin payments given the volatility and expensive transaction fees.

Budget may bring new benefits for digital payments

Digital payments could again see incentives and benefits in this year’s budget as the Government continues to push digital payments in India. The GST council is also looking for ways to give digital payments a significant push.

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